Support Group for Anxiety, Depression & Bipolar Disorder (en anglais)


*Now offered permanently* 

Free self-help groups allow people with anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder to express their experiences and emotions in a welcoming and respectful environment. An emphasis is placed on active listening and mutual support. Offered by Revivre.

Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. (no end date)

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Groupe d'entraide

La SQS vous invite à cette occasion privilégiée pour les proches d’échanger en toute cordialité avec un petit groupe de parents et d’amis qui sont confrontés à une situation semblable à la leur. Vous y trouverez informations, soutien et réconfort, dans un climat de confiance et en toute confidentialité.

AMI-Québec’s support groups (en anglais)

AMI-Québec holds different support groups for family caregivers only, for those suffering from mental illness, and mixed groups for both. Facilitated by people who have experience, either as a caregiver or having lived with mental illness, support groups help you develop a healthy perspective on mental illness, explore coping strategies, and learn about support services and resources in the community.

No registration necessary.