Semaine nationale de la santé mentale au Québec


C'est la semaine nationale de la santé mentale, du 7 au 13 mai 2018, qui marque le début de la Campagne annuelle de promotion du Mouvement Santé mentale Québec: «agir pour donner du sens» dans votre milieu.

Découvrez tous les messages de l’astuce AGIR, à travers les outils suivants, tous disponibles en français et en anglais.


The national Mental Health Week, May 7-13, 2018, marks the beginning of the annual Mental Health Promotion Campaign of Mouvement Santé Mentale Québec: "take action to find meaning" in your community.

Discover the campaign and its tools, all available in French and English.

Semaine nationale de la santé mentale au Canada


Du 7 au 13 mai 2018, montez le volume. Ce sera la 67e Semaine annuelle de la santé mentale de l'ACSM et nous parlerons haut et fort pour la santé mentale!

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This May 7-13 2018, turn up the volume. It’s the 67th Annual CMHA Mental Health Week and we’re getting loud for mental health!

Look for the special website opening.

Semaine de sensibilisation aux maladies mentales | Mental Illness Awareness Week

Les efforts déployés au cours de la Semaine de sensibilisation aux maladies mentales (SSMM) servent à sensibiliser le public et à diminuer la stigmatisation. L'objectif est de fournir une tribune nationale aux maladies mentales en démontrant que les individus souffrant de maladies mentales sont parfaitement capables de mener une vie enrichissante et productive.

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The Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) has fought to increase awareness and decrease stigmatization. The purpose is to place mental illness on a national stage with hopes to highlight that individuals living with mental illness are fully capable of leading rewarding and productive lives.

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Developing a framework to promote and protect psychological health and safety of post-secondary students: the future workforce! (en anglais)

There are a greater number of students coming to campuses with diagnosed mental health disorders and recent surveys indicate that 50% of students use campus mental health services with 10% being seen in urgent or crisis situations.

Join the MHCC and a panel of experts to shine the light on key issues faced by students, hear about some examples of leading practices that are having an impact, and opportunities to further shape Canada’s landscape to promote and protect psychological health and safety of post-secondary students.