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What's RACOR?

Present since 1985, RACOR en santé mentale is dedicated to grouping, supporting, equipping and representing the community and alternative organizations on the Island of Montreal working in mental health.

We are dedicated to recognizing the unique competence of the alternative community organizations in mental health and the innovative and indispensable nature of the services offered to the population living with mental health problems.

RACOR en santé mentale also aims to inform and promote a better understanding of mental health in governmental institutions and public ; and to highlight the perverse effects of taboos and stigmatization on people suffering from psychological distress.

Every person has a story and every story has a face...

Have services and activities in English

Our community organizations members working in mental health and offering services in English or bilingual:
- AMI-Québec
- Friends for mental health
- Projet PAL
- ...
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Below are calendar events English only or bilingual.
Events can be training, conferences, activities, fundraising, support group, etc.