Creative Expression (en anglais)

It can be difficult to be a caregiver to someone living with mental illness. SoulCollage is an innovative and creative way to explore your own challenges and how they can be overcome.

Led by Joyce Cohen, life coach, SoulCollage facilitator, and AMI-Québec graphic designer, you will use your intuition to create small collage cards with magazine images, scissors and glue. You will then learn how to ‘read’ your cards to discover what personal and hidden meanings your SoulCollage card reveals to you.

No art experience required–yes, you are naturally creative!

People are amazed at the power and beauty of their cards and their ability to access their inner wisdom using images.

Thusdray September 19, 6-8pm

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Where : 5800 Decarie, Montreal
Price : Free
Information & Registration : online or call 514-486-1448

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